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Temaro Today we are completely settled in and have the use of 600 m2 floor space divided between the office and the warehouse, the latter taking up the lion’s share (400 m2). The great advantage of this is having easier access to the materials and equipment in stock due to a more efficient classification and storage plan as well as a better oversight of in and outgoing consignments and deliveries. All in all, this will have a beneficial effect on the service provided to our customers. But there is more! TEMARO has been very fortunate in attracting and employing suitable, dedicated staffmembers who in their turn say to be very happy in their new working environment. Besides Yolanda Spits and Marja Sluijters, who have been working here for some time now, Koen van der Laan has also joined our team. Together with Ricardo Stoop and Ronald Scheffer, they play an important part in the delivery and (technical) installation of a large range of materials and equipment.

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TemaroB.V. TEMARO the Dutch Marine Suppliers, was founded over fifty years ago and has since acquired a unique expertise in supplying shipyards, shipping companies and the offshore oil and installation industry with every possible type of accommodation required at sea... read more >>


TemaroB.V. TEMARO your supplier: (work) clothing, Mattresses, Blankets, Cabin outfits, Galley, Upholstery, Restaurant outfits, Furnishing, Flooring, Curtains, Sunblinds, Messroom, Offshore and more. Take a look at the catalogue online...


Temaro B.V. TEMARO is world wide distributor of SOLARSOLVE™ sunscreens. The sunscreens comply with Merchant Shipping Notice 760, which strongly recommends that any tinted screens covering navigation windows are removable... read more >>


TemaroIt is also possible to access the previous editions of our newsletter ‘TEMARO in Motion’ which gives an impression of how client orientated TEMARO is... read more >>



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Specialist supplier
Specialist suppliers for IMO approved bedding - textiles - upholstery with wheelmark

World wide distributor for SolarSolve sunblinds for ships

P.O. Box 55118
3008 EC Rotterdam
T +31 (0)10 4330500
F +31 (0)10 4128941
E sales